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Two autumn bombshells over 55 pounds

Kärnten/Austria. Radical team angler Matthias Pirker recently enjoyed a haul of several specimen fish on a 1,000-hectare lake using pre-series samples of Tiger’s Nuts boilies from Radical. The first impressive carp fell to a stiff-rig with a 24 mm Tiger’s Nuts boilie; a proud scaled specimen measuring 105 cm and weighing 25.5 kg (56 lb). Two hours later, Pirker had a double run that sparked chaos but eventually resulted in both fishing being landed safely. The second fish of the session took a 16 mm Tiger’s Nuts boilie, topped with an artificial tiger nut. This carp also broke the 25 kg (55 lb) barrier and measured 104 cm in length. The third fish took a pop-up on a specimen rig. "Simply incredible," enthused team angler Matthias Pirker. "This bait will surely claim many more huge fish." Tiger’s Nuts boilies will be delivered to specialist retailers before Christmas.