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Back for the future - Browning re-introduces a legend

Browning's Black Magic series of put-in poles were famous for their incredible strength and durability, but the Korean sourced version of those poles were dropped in 2006 when manufacturing costs became just too high. Apart from its strength, the action provided by its put-in joints made the old BM's the first choice for "to hand" and long-line fishing. Many are still in regular use, and owners often tell us that they would love to travel back in time to buy a new Black Magic II or III to replace their tired old "warhorse". However, Browning doesn't need a time machine to travel back in "pole time"! So we have re-introduced the famous Black Magic put-in pole under the well deserved  "Classic" name.  This is a complete remake of the old Korean pole, on the same mandrel and using the same top-quality carbon; it is not imitation or copy.  The only change made is a slight increase to the tip diameter to improve it for elastic or powergum use. The new Black Magic Classic is sold at 11 m with an optional extension to extend it to 12.5 m, and the package includes and extra top kit and mini-extension. The pole is available from Browning stockists now.