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Zebco Europe now ISO certified

Tostedt. Fishing tackle manufacturer Zebco Europe gained ISO 9001 certification over the summer. The move sends a message to customers that the company, which operates throughout Europe, works to particularly high standards.
At the same time, Zebco Europe introduced a hygiene management system for its boilies (Radical) and groundbait (Browning). The modern HACCP risk assessment offers the customer even greater safety when using these products. Of course, the company will have its hygiene management system audited by one of the largest certification agencies worldwide (SGS) on a yearly basis. The “mark of excellence” for their angling baits! In fact, this may be unique, proving the future-oriented thinking of Zebco Europe. This is all the more significant in view of the current animal feedstuffs directive. Only businesses registered in accordance with EU directive 183/2005 and those with a valid hygiene management system may bring animal feedstuffs  such as boilies and groundbait to the market.
Managing director Peter Delwes: "This subject has not really been treated seriously in the sector to date. Our annual sales of boilies and groundbait total several million euros. We could have taken a lax approach to setting appropriate standards. Ultimately, however, we wanted our customers to feel safe with our products and not to have to fear confiscation by authorities simply because the products were not produced in accordance with current EU directives."
Achieving ISO and HACCP certification was a not insignificant challenge for the company with its eight brands Browning, Fin-Nor, Quantum, Rhino, Black Cat, Van Staal, Radical and Zebco. Internal processes had to be optimised and documented. The correct declaration of the feed products distributed was a key element to this.
The company has also set up a website (, where both retailers and consumers can inform themselves of the relevant valid declaration (composition and ingredients) of all feed products. Frerk Petersen, Director Europe Marketing & Product Development of the company: "The transparency is unique but we believe this is the only way to gain the trust of anglers for the long term. Where is the sense in leading people to believe, for example, that boilies have a protein content that cannot be technically produced?"
Suppliers have also been incorporated into the quality management. Petersen: "Those who did not share our philosophy had a problem. Consequently, we have just parted with two feed suppliers who did not fulfil the legal directives or did not want to make transparent declarations about the manufactured products."
With the construction of a new, ultra-modern high-bay warehouse in Rade on the A1 between Bremen and Hamburg and the elaborate fit-out of the existing premises in Tostedt as a highly-efficient picking and packaging warehouse, the company is also creating the necessary infrastructure both to meet the strong increase in demand for products from retailers and to operate in accordance with ISO. Order and transparency of processes as well as cleanliness are important elements for achieving certification.
When purchasing products from Zebco Europe, both retailers and the angler on the water can depend on them to meet particularly high standards in quality.