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Browning "Warhorse" Pole Match 2016

Browning are proud of their "heritage" as a producer of quality poles for more than 30 years.  Annually, a free to enter, unique and special "Warhorse" match is held for anglers who own pre 2005 Browning poles. The 2015 "Browning Warhorse" match was held at Colemans Cottage fishery in Essex on the 10 October. The match attracted more than 40 anglers, who fished with Browning poles that were in some cases 30 years old. The match enjoyed perfect weather and was a big success - especially for Clive Nada who won the match with 72.4.0 of mainly F1 carp using his 25 year old Browning "Advance" pole that he has owned from new. Remarkably, Clive also won  the 2014 Warhorse match at Tunnel Barn using the same "old faithful" Advance pole.

As Clive is a Browning sponsored angler he was ineligible to win the main prize, this meant that second placed man Danny Mason walked away with the top prize of a 16m Browning Xitan Z8 pole for his 66.8.0 catch. Danny used a 15 year old Black Magic III pole. Third placed Alan Luceford used a relatively "young" 12 year old CC910 to catch 63-12-0 and win the latest Browning Hypercarp pole. Frerk Petersen, Browning's Director Europe Marketing & Product Development, remarked,  "We have always designed Browning poles to be strong and durable, but have been very pleasantly surprised by how many of our old "warhorses" are still on the bank and giving sterling service. Next year we will move to a venue in the North of England to give a new group of anglers the opportunity to dust off their old Browning poles and win a major prize".