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Another huge cat for Babs Kijewski

Tostedt. The maritime area of the Petit Rhône (southern France) was the setting for Babs' new catfish record of 2.49 metres. She tempted the monster in a large section of flat water. Days earlier, thousands of mullet had entered the river with the inflowing salt water. Consequently, the chosen bait was a mullet, which was presented tight to the bank near a large overhanging tree and a long way upstream. Fortunately, Babs had used a strong leader because, at one point during the 25-minute fight, the fish lodged itself firmly against an obstacle in the middle of the river. The days beforehand were characterised by heavy winds and storms followed by swarms of mosquitoes, which made for very challenging fishing. On the last day of her holiday, however, Babs landed the big fish she had been hoping for and her hardships were rewarded.
There will be more information on the catch at in the near future.