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Phenomenal two 20kg+ salmon in one day

Even an experienced trolling fisherman like Hans-Heinrich Müller von der Ohe (Ummern, Germany) will always remember this particular day: in his 25 year long career as a salmon trolling angler he has never experienced a day like April 19th, when he was fishing in the northeast of the island of Rügen: “In the beginning I was fishing close to the Arkona buoy”, he remembers. "But then I got a phone call from friends, who reported to me that the fishing further east was much better. I took all my tackle onboard and made my way to the recommended hot spot. At 11:20 I had my lures in the water again. The first brutal take came around 12:30. An old, pretty worn out Big Ed lure in a Rügen special color had been attacked by a monster salmon. I had to play him quite hard for almost half an hour, until my friend Kurt Tomasiewicz (Vienna, Austria) could net the giant silver torpedo. It measured 1,21 m in length and 21 kg on the weighing scale. Therefore it was even one kilo heavier than my personal best up to then, which I caught one year ago in the same area. With a length of 1,27 this catch had even been a bit longer.“

Instead of cruising back to the harbour to celebrate the magnificent catch, the 61 year old police officer decided to stay a bit longer, so his boat mate from Austria would get his chance. They continued fishing in water depths of around 25 m, in view of the famous white rocks of Rügen. The efforts were rewarded, also Kurt Tomasiewicz hooked into a giant salmon some time later, which took the angler even longer to get it to the boat. With a length of 1,19 and a weight of 20,5 kg it was only slightly smaller than the first monster. This fish also took a lure behind a sideplaner like the first one, but this time a Rhino Xtra Mag lure in the famous color “Beluga” seduced the fish. Both anglers had the legal fish limit of 3 salmons per angler in the boat around 16:30, with further specimens of more than 10 kg weight. The next biggest catch was another impressive salmon of 16,5 kg, caught on a Rhino Lax XL in color “Swedish Flag”.

Two fish of more than 20 kg in one day, on one boat, something which probably cannot be achieved by other anglers any time soon.