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Zebco Europe announces new warehouse and stocks up on personnel

Tostedt. Zebco Europe is probably one of the fastest growing fishing tackle companies in the European market. The team in Tostedt, Lower Saxony, has increased turnover by more than 50% since 2011. With seven global brands in the company's portfolio and an intelligent product and brand strategy, the growth has not been entirely surprising for the personnel involved. However, the increase in sales also brought with it challenges, particularly in terms of logistics – an area in which Zebco Europe is renowned for its professionalism. High product availability, short response times, first-class after-sales services and perfect transparency for customers are the hallmarks of Zebco Europe.

In order to maintain familiar standards, the company is moving its high-bay warehouse to neighbouring Rade on 1 July; a location that benefits from optimal links to the motorway network and, thus, the port of Hamburg. The frame of the new high-bay warehouse is currently under construction. Managing director Peter Delwes: "This development will significantly increase our performance levels. The current external warehouses will be closed and our entire inventory will once again be in one central location. At the same time, the space vacated at our Tostedt site will allow us to quadruple our picking and packaging capacity."

Two years ago, the company was able to resolve bottlenecks in deliveries by introducing a two-shift system to optimise use of the available warehouse space. Delwes: "We are now at a point where we have exhausted the potential of the warehouse. In recent weeks, we have not been able to satisfy the incredible demand with our familiar short response times. We ask our customers for their understanding. The restructuring was not only inevitable, it will also leave us well-equipped for the next 10 years. All the more since the 10-metre-high warehouse in Rade can be extended almost without restriction. In Tostedt, we have extended as much as we can. "

The company has also made sustainable investments in terms of personnel. Four new warehouse operatives commenced work on 1 April along with a proven expert warehouse manager and additional warehouse personnel from a temporary employment agency. Delwes: "Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. And we can only satisfy this if we have sufficient personnel and warehouse space available. With the help of our new personnel, we will soon return to our familiar performance levels." The move will be completed in the summer in parallel with ongoing operations and no disruption to normal deliveries is expected.