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Looking for the perfect pull?

Tostedt. Side puller systems have now become almost standard fitment to poles, and there are now a number of different designs aimed at making the elastic run smoothly through the sharp 90 degree angle needed for the elastic to emerge from the side of the section.

As part of its Xitan Z14-1 pole development project, Browning took a completely different “angle” on side puller systems - we designed a bush that eliminates the 90 degree angle altogether! – so, no need for wheels or bent bushes. The main differences between the Browning bush and other systems are: - The elastic passes through the bush in almost a straight line, so no 90’ angles to create friction or wear the elastic. Operation is silky smooth.
- The bush has no moving parts like rollers to wear, stick or fail.
- The oval hole needed for the bush is only 6mm wide - much smaller than other designs so is less likely to weaken the section. The new bush is moulded in Polyoxymethylene, a very low friction, self lubricating polymer that has high resistance to wear, so the bush will last the life of the topkit. The hole in the bush is large enough for elastics to around 3mm in diameter. The new bush is fitted as standard to puller kits supplied with Browning’s new Xitan Z14-1 and Hyper Carp range of poles.

The bushes can also be bought separately at £3.99 for a pack of 2.  They include a guide for cutting the slot.   If your sections already have a hole (up to 6mm) it can easily be extended to fit the new bush.