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Pink Tuna and Vampire Garlic conquer the market

Tostedt. Vampire Garlic and Pink Tuna – the two latest creations from the Radical boilie production line! Following a long development phase, both varieties are now available from specialist retailers, complementing the four existing boilie products in the Radical range. The Bloody Chicken, Yellow Zombie, White Coconut and Rugby Dubby varieties have already created a huge furore among carp fans in recent years and accounted for countless specimen carp.
Frerk Petersen, Marketing Director of Zebco Europe / Radical: "Standard boilies are ten a penny. Our demands to make each boilie special have given our manufacturers many a headache. However, the customer appreciates that we strive for quality. Real fish and fruit chunks in the boilies never fail to make an impression, either on the angler or the target fish. With the Bloody Chicken, we also started a trend of offering a fast-acting boilie that even catches during short sessions."

As the name suggests, the new Pink Tuna is pink and fishy. The mixture of high-quality, protein-rich basic components is enhanced phenomenally with fish meal. The striking colour also makes carp curious. The result? Continuous buzzing from your bite alarms! The Vampire Garlic boilie includes the fish magnet that is garlic as a key ingredient. Garlic has been an absolute secret to success for many years. Combining this with fresh mint in the boilie sends carp into a feeding frenzy! Protein meal has been used as a boilie base to produce a high-nutrient-value bait.

Radical team angler Robin Illner from Germany played a major role in development: "The Vampire Garlic boilie tempts large specimens both during short-term sessions and over more prolonged feeding campaigns. Raphael Biagini, Radical team angler from France had significant involvement in the launch of the Pink Tuna: "This is a special long-session boilie with a high level of attraction despite remaining on the hair rig for long periods! Particularly on the carp waters of southern France, other boilies often break down too quickly under the influence of the warm water temperatures and the attacks of the abundant crayfish and small catfish."

Besides the perfectly developed boilies, Radical has entertained its fan community for years with witty illustrations that have attained cult status. These are attributable to the creative minds of the company, who work with freelance illustrator Bastian Gierth. Gierth is continually fascinated by the requests from the Radical development team: "It is a great pleasure to translate their fantastic ideas into reality and to see the finished product on retailers' shelves. I am already looking forward to their crazy requests for the next Radical boilie!

As with all existing varieties, the two new boilies are available in 16, 20 and 24 mm diameters. There are also matching dips, pop-ups (mixed diameters in a can), Fluo pop-ups and a Neon Powder Dip. And on top, Zebco Europe offers even the matching energy drinks with the boilies for the anglers, in cans of 250 ml.