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Quantum Cabo for extreme adventures

Quantum’s Cabo has long been a consistent hitter in saltwater, but now it comes with a totally redesigned and modernistic lightweight frame with more metal inside and out than it’s competition. The Cabo comes loaded with a huge, strong center shaft complimented by stronger threads to provide all the lockdown power necessary, and a super-sized, water tight drag for when braided lines are at work. Massive ceramic and carbon fiber washers sit ready to resist heat in a sealed Magnum CSC™ drag system to allow line to slip smoothly off the spool with whatever resistance you choose to dial in up to 55 pounds. Speaking of corrosion free, this “airy” looking reel features a clutch seal to prevent water and debris from entering the clutch housing and causing it to slip. Further eliminating corrosion is a re-designed line slider made of stainless that will last a lifetime. Further solidifying the new version Cabo is a doubly-secured oscillating gear and slider to eliminate ‘slop’ or ‘play’ when the reel is placed under higher loads. And a Quantum exclusive TiMag® titanium bend-resistant bail system with magnetic trip makes for the most enduring line management system in the business. Protecting the sleek frame is Saltguard™ 2.0 – which contains a Quantum exclusive SCR™ Alloy that is impurity free to prevent a source for corrosion to set in. The SCR Alloy is then covered in Quantum’s proprietary coating process to further prevent rust. Available in 40, 50, 60 and an 80 size, with 10 bearings.

Key features of the new Cabo generation:

New SCR base aluminum : Eliminates corrosion and improved strength
New Saltgard 2.0: Superior corrosion resistance
New Sealed Magnum CSC Drag: Extreme power, ultra smooth drag
New Ultra hard PT Gearing: Durable ultra smooth gearing
New gear system support: Durable under high loads, more secure clutch
New Hybrid Ceramic Bearings: Supports high loading, never seizes
New Low Friction Oscillation : More stable and smoother under high loading
Patented offset foot: Balanced reel
Patented Rotor offset: Dynamically balanced rotor – smoother feel
New Line Management System (LMS) : Line handling, durability, and performance
Patented Oscillation: Cross Wrap for Braid, Improved Casting
MaxCast Spool: Superior casting distance
New Stainless steel Slider: Never corrode, improved line transition
Patented NiTi Bail Wire: Bail never bends out of shape
Patented Magnetic Trip: Never gets weak or fails like spring
Adjustable line stack: Customizable line stack
New Line Roller: Eliminates line twist, improve