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Variable speed fun: the Rhino DX-V

Tostedt. Rhino presents its new motor series "DX-V!" The objective of the engineers was clear: to combine the proven technology of the Rhino VX motors, which have sold thousands of times, with modern control technology. And in this way to let users enjoy continuous speed control. The DX-V engine series will not only delight boat anglers. Due to the range of models, it is also predestined for other areas of application, right down to the function for sailing boat in times of missing wind.

The so-called pulse width modulation (PWM) achieves stepless speed control with the highest possible efficiency. This technology provides the system voltage that is required for optimum efficiency. There is also a protective function against overvoltage, short circuit or overload.

Each DX-V engine has a large information display. Extensive status information, such as battery voltage, current motor power level and other operating states are shown. Of course, the DX-V also has a USB port for charging lamps and smartphones. The stainless steel shaft guarantees corrosion resistance and stability. A telescoping tiller for continuous speed control enables easy maneuvering forwards and backwards. Furthermore, the DX-V series is equipped with a robust mechanism for folding the motor and the immersion depth can be adjusted easily. After all, the weedless propeller pushes the motor even through weed beds without any problems.

Andreas Gawenat, who has been responsible for the Rhino engine range for over 20 years: “Our engineers have once again done an outstanding job here. The modern DX-V engines combine the reliability of the VX series with technical innovation. And at an attractive price! Of course, the effective neodymium magnet technology, which is installed in all Rhino engines from 60 lbs thrust, was also integrated in the DX68V.”

The DX-V engine series is available in three performance levels:

12V 35lbs thrust, 380W power input
12V 55lbs thrust, 600W power input
12V 68lbs thrust, 510W power input

There is also a long shaft model DX55V "Long" with a shaft length of 91 centimeters.

The suggested retail price is between €429.95 / £379.99 for the DX35V and €619.95 / £549.99 for the DX68V. These motors are now available.

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