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Safely in the bag!

Fast, safe and simple – three features of the Black Cat Hard Core Cat Bag

Anglers like to prepare many things before a session and looking after the wellbeing of the fish should be no exception. This is a crucial aspect of angling. Safety and protection is essential not only for us humans but also for the animals. As catfish anglers, it’s up to us to ensure that catfish are returned unharmed to their habitat. This is where Black Cat comes in.

Black Cat Hard Core Cat Bag
Black Cat introduced the Hard Core Cat Bag some time ago. The special weighing and transport bag is a reliable partner when it comes to transporting large catfish safely and securely. Fish lie securely in the bag and are unable to slip out, allowing specimens of more than 100 kg to be weighed quickly and safely. The eight carrying loops fitted to the bag allow fish to be carried by several people. Meanwhile, eleven openings sewn into the underside of the bag allow water to quickly drain out. And the welfare of the fish is central to the design. The rubber-like material of the net is made from mucous membrane friendly material.

Bank anglers
When fishing from the bank, you're often faced with a choice of places to fish from. You can fish from sandbanks, jetties, stony banks, natural banks or other spots. You’ll also discover that these are not always the ideal locations for landing a catfish safely. Many anglers assume that stony ground is the most harmful to catfish, and rightly so. However, sand is an equally poor surface for a catfish to lie on. The Black Cat Hard Core Cat Bag is the ideal solution on all terrains. Whatever type of bank you're fishing on, you can lay your catfish safely in the bag before transporting it to the desired spot. It also makes an ideal surface for the fish to lie on while you're taking photos. When the photo session is over, simply carry the fish back to the water and release it.

Boat anglers
A weighing mat is not only recommended for bank anglers. Boat anglers can also lay the Hard Core Cat Bag on their boat to protect fish from the floor surface. The bag will also protect fish from the sun and surrounding objects while keeping the boat interior clean.

Personal experience
I make regular catfish angling trips to France every year and I often encounter rough terrain. The first time, I only had a small mat to lay the catfish on, which made it impossible to weigh the huge specimens or carry them to another location. That meant I simply had to photograph the fish where I landed them, which was often an unsuitable spot. Good advice came at a cost.
Finally, I came across the Black Cat Hard Core Cat Bag. The bag allows large catfish to be carried with ease by several people, even on steep slopes or around obstacles.

With no rigid components, the bag can be transported effortlessly without taking up much space. For me, the Cat Bag has become indispensable. A pioneering solution for all anglers who want to take care of giant catfish.

Toby Beeloo
Team Black Cat