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Thirtieth catfish over 100 kg (220 lb)

Tostedt.  On 4 November 2013, Team Black Cat Guiding Tours, with Stefan Seuß and Benjamin Gründer, celebrated a particularly special milestone. The 20th catfish weighing more than 100 kg was landed on one of their guided tours. However, that was not enough. Four and a half years later, the 30th catfish over 100 kg has recently tipped the scales.
Stefan Seuß and Benjamin Gründer love what they do and continue to succeed in conveying their passion to guests on the Team Black Cat Guiding Tours. This was certainly true on the tour week from 31 March to 7 April, destination Grande Fiume on the river Po in Italy, which has been one of the premier addresses for catfish angling in Europe for many years. Here, the big fish rule. The conditions, combining a full moon, falling water levels and clear water, were also perfect. Guests Christopher Sachse and Ringo Rau fulfilled their dream of a two-metre fish on the very first night. By the Wednesday, everybody had a new personal best to their name. Since the tour guests had already landed their big fish, the guides could now experiment. They often like to try micro-underwater floats or even sea baits on a dead-float system.
Then, the fifth night delivered a bounty of big fish. Frank Treffkorn hooked one of the giants of the Po and showed it who was in charge in a prolonged battle. The fish had scarcely been unhooked and released when the next Black Cat Buster rod was put to the test. Now, Ringo Rau had his chance to land a bona fide monster. After a hard fight, Benjamin gripped the outstanding specimen and everybody knew instantly that this was the crowning glory. They had all experienced a moment of angling heaven, capped by a veritable milestone fish! At 238 cm, according to the tape measure, the 102 kg fish (225 lb 2 oz) was relatively short for its more than considerable length. The fish fell to a hair rig and a 10 g Black Cat EVA U-float.
And so, the Team Black Cat Guiding Tours with Stefan Seuß and Benjamin Gründer proved once again that only those who do something with dedication can do it really well. With experience, knowledge, commitment, will and perseverance, Ringo Rau claimed the milestone thirtieth catfish over 100 kg. An emphatic triumph and a fantastic tour, true to the slogan: “The best way to catch!”