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Sensational predator in Holland

Tostedt.  Babs Kijeweski enjoyed an outstanding start to her predator season in Holland, enthusing: “I was already thinking last year about how and where I wanted to spend the start in Holland. The plan was to go on the Volkerak with my own boat for the first time. A completely unknown water for me. And a huge expanse of water as I discovered last weekend!
I prefer to explore such unknown waters by trolling. In my opinion, that is the most effective way to gain an overview. I had two and a half days. With my objective set out, I started fishing. On the first day, I brought nine pike on board. That was a perfect start.
On the second day, this brilliant start was topped by an even more intense experience: Straight away in the morning, I caught a 52 cm perch. A really beautiful, dark perch. I was completely ecstatic because it broke my personal best. Then a storm broke out. Rain, wind and lightning drove all anglers off the water but I saw this as my greatest opportunity. I know from my home water that pike particularly like to feed after a storm. So, I waited until it passed and started again immediately.
I had just cast out my second rod when there was a run on the first... As soon as the fish shook its head, I thought: ‘Damn, that’s a big pike!’. Adrenaline coursed through my body and the pike did not show itself until the end. It put in several powerful runs. Only when I finally hauled it onto the boat did I see it. Then the silence was broken. 1.22 m. That was also my new personal best Esox!
It was incredible. I still cannot stop grinning. I'm so lucky and very grateful! Ten pike, one perch and a zander. That’s what I call a start to the season!”