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Austria's winter gold

Tostedt. This winter, Austrian Radical team angler Matthias Pirker wanted to set himself a true challenge. His goal was to land a monster carp under difficult winter conditions. The acid test was to take place on an Austrian water.
However, landing an XXL carp in winter would require some careful consideration. He hatched his plan, which included details on bait and feeding times and opted for the colourful “Radical Yellow Zombie” boilie. Since carp have a low appetite in winter owing to their slowed metabolism, he had to experiment patiently to find the best time of day to tempt a golden giant.
Once he found the optimal feeding time, he could scarcely believe his luck. He held the winter wonder in his hands – a beautiful female specimen measuring 105 centimetres in length. Austria's 2016 winter gold, caught on a large natural lake in Matthias Pirker’s homeland; his first gold medal of the winter.