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New: Browning Xenos Feeder

Tostedt. Browning launches the most innovative feeder on the market in the Xenos Feeder. In addition to conventional stainless steel feeders, many anglers now also use plastic feeders. The benefits are obvious: better flight properties, a firmer hold for light groundbait mixes, they cause less alarm to fish than a gleaming stainless steel feeder and rise quickly when the feeder is retrieved. The Xenos Feeder is a plastic swimfeeder that combines all of these benefits and comes in a popular speed feeder design.
Yet this is no ordinary plastic speed feeder! The Xenos Feeder makes you more flexible than ever at the water's edge! The aerodynamic weights can be changed over in seconds. You can simply swap a 30 g weight for a 50 g weight without having to remove the feeder from your rig!
However, the Xenos Feeder shows its greatest strengths when the fish are feeding in mid-water, which is often the case when fishing for carp or roach. Simply unscrew the weight from your Xenos Feeder and replace it with the specially designed plastic ball, which delivers a slow-sinking effect and is supplied with the slow sinking version. Now, you can determine the sinking speed yourself by adding water and lead shot. The feeder is so finely adjustable that fish can even be targeted near the surface. A genuine secret weapon! And the best thing is, anglers on the next peg will barely even notice since the Xenos Feeder still looks like a “normal” speed feeder.
The Xenos Feeder should be available from retailers at the end of March.