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Join the pillow fight!

Tostedt. When the round baits fail, the time has come for Radical Pillow Boilies! The new boilie shape will be available from specialist retailers in seven popular Radical boilie flavours from March. Now even the most cautious carp can be outfoxed. In heavily fished waters, wily old carp often associate the round boilie shape with danger. The pillow-shaped boilie remains a temptation, however, because the target fish have never seen them before. Another advantage is that pillow-shaped boilies hold the bottom better in flowing water, which river carp anglers will really appreciate.
Zebco Europe’s Marketing Director Frerk Petersen: "We have tried for a long time to offer boilies in an alternative form to the traditional ball. To do so, our factory had to develop a process that could produce the new shape almost as quickly as the round marbles. They have managed this with the pillow-shaped boilies and I am already looking forward to offering these new delicacies to the carp on my home water in the spring when winter is over!"