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New Browning Xitan Z14 "Commercial Special" announced

Responding to customer requests, Browning has introduced a new 16 m package of its top-of-the-range Xitan Z14-1 pole specifically for the "dedicated" commercial fishery angler. The new package includes all 1 piece top kits, recognizing the growing trend of using short kits to both stiffen the pole and give more control over fish when using the latest soft hollow elastics.  

A major drawback with using short kits is loss of pole length - with some “16 m” poles barely reaching 15 m with a 1 piece topkit, even with a mini-extension added. However, due to its innovative long section design, the Z14-1 is still a true 16 m with a 1 piece topkit and the "elbow friendly" square pole protector fitted! As a result, anglers can have an ultra-stiff, genuine 16 m, pole purpose designed for modern commercial fishery styles.

The Z14’s 1 piece topkit is 1.9 m long so, with modern hollow elastics stretching up to 7 times their length, it still carries enough elastic to tame big fish. The Z14 is already one of the strongest and stiffest poles on the market, but using the 1 piece kit makes it even stiffer, and even lighter, without sacrificing any strength.

Browning takes pride in innovating and challenging pole convention, and believe that this unique package will start a trend that other companies will have to follow.

Browning Xitan Z14-1 Advance 16m "Commercial Special" package comprises - main pole plus 3 ergonomic square Pole Protector sections fitting from 11 to 16 m, 8 x 1 piece kits, matching 1 piece cupping kit, 2 x spare full length C/3 sections, full sized specially designed pole holdall. RRP £2899.00