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Kent Adell (Sweden) participating in Feeder world championship 2014

Here is a short report from the Feeder WC in Ireland.

The groundbait the Swedish National team used, was the following mix:

2 kg Browning Dutch Danger Wild Black River
2 kg Browning Dutch Danger Mad Roach
0,5 kg Browning M7
1 bag CC Power Additive Toffee Karamell

It was mixed the day before to get a “dead groundbait” as possible as A-D section were deep. We mixed the groundbait as wet as possible to get it as heavy as possible so it would be stay on the bottom. The Dutch Danger range is a query nice range of feeder groundbait.

It was 25 nations participating at this years championship so there were 25 man sections. The peg I was drawn to on Saturday was C22 and it felt like a good draw since it was on the end of C- section. Most part of my catch that day were bream. Had 48 fish and 30 were bream for a weight of 13kg and a section win.

The peg I was drawn to on Sunday was D11 and it didn’t feel as good as the first day. Got my first bream after 30 min and got 2 more the first hour, then the sun broke through the clouds and the breams moved back to deeper water. So after 2 hours I started to fish roach to keep putting fish in the net for the team. Caught 133 fish for 5,9kg and to my surprise a 5th place in my section.

Ended up at 9th place individual and the team on a 12th place. Over all pleased with the result, even that i did some mistakes on the Sunday.

Best regard
Kent Adell