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Emmas catches monster sturgeon with light gear

We fished recently for carp in the Czech republic in one of Jakub Vagners private lakes, the lakes are filled with carps up to 23 kgs. We fished with rubby dubby boilies and pop ups, dipped in the rubby dubby dip. The carps really liked the boilies and so did the smaller sturgeons. One morning was really crazy; I did not have time to sit for one second, there were double runs everywhere! All Mustad board members, who joined us, managed to fight and land nice carp!

But one night, just before dinner, I took my Quantum Yasasi 6 foot rod to catch some pike with a small dead roach. In the second cast I hooked something really big, we all thought that it was a monster pike! But then a big Beluga sturgeon appeard in the surface, and i thought I was screwed with the light gear! I was extremely careful wth the fish, cause i only had 0,12 mm braid on the spool.... But after 30 minutes my husband Atle jumped in to the water and managed to grab the tail, the fish was secured! Everyone was chocked, this was not supposed to be possible! I was so happy that I could not stop laughing and my legs were shaking for an hour after! I can for shure say that this was the fish of my life :-)

The Beluga was around 2 meters long with a weight of around 80kg!