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Environment Agency & Browning in Joint Venture to Promote Angling

The Environment Agency (EA) and Browning are currently working together to help increase angling participation. The relationship which is now in its 4th year has, from day one, had key focus upon using the skills and expertise of both parties to raise the profile of angling. In an organised and structured manner both organisations complement each other and this has been the base for a successful relationship. The EA bring their experience in promotion, delivery and partnership working at angling events, and Browning support this with product selection and sponsorship. The ‘Browning Youth Masters’ was an example of how operationally both parties work together, with the EA arranging pre match coaching sessions, in which Browning sponsored anglers attended the sessions to offer assistance and guidance to the young anglers. The EA have also been involved in product development, by offering their knowledge on specific products to suit new anglers to the sport. Kye Jerrom (EA) commented on the relationship by stating ‘We find that sourcing and funding equipment to establish a coaching project is one of the biggest constraints for clubs and groups wanting to start a coaching section.  Working with Browning has enabled us to support many new initiatives and partnership projects with the right equipment, cost effectively.  We have developed over 4 years, every year both companies understand the boundaries and limitations, and then take it one step further to strengthen for the next year.  This has helped us and our partners introduce thousands of new people to angling, for now and the future’.  The key to the success is based upon understanding and listening stated Anthony Connolly (UK Director). It is key to the development of the relationship that we accommodate the changing requirements of the EA, and that of the people they are helping to introduce to angling. Browning this year have agreed to the sponsor the ’Water Industry Coarse Angling Championships’ (WICAC), which incorpates teams from both the Environment Agency and the water companies.  The event which will be held on the excellent Ely Ouse, Cambs is expected to attract the interest of nearly 100 anglers and will help to support local clubs.