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Browning - The Legacy

In the Beginning

Browning UK was one of the first companies to introduce Poles to UK anglers, with our innovative team of test anglers we were always at the forefront of cutting edge technology.

The team overcame many obstacles, in producing some of the best poles ever witnessed on the UK market place. Poles such as the CC910 left a legacy with many anglers, but we have gone from strength to strength with the new ‘Xitan’ range of poles.

Although the pole market has become more competitive ‘Browning’ poles have evolved and include many features and benefits that are synopsis with top of the range poles.




With our modern and expansive operation in Tostedt (northern Germany), our warehousing infrastructure has been the envy of many of our competitors for years. With daily collections from logistic market

leader UPS, you can be assured that your spares or replacements are being treated with the utmost care and attention. In addition, with the tracking system, you can always check the status and expected E.T.A of your shipment.


European HQ & Warehousing (Tostedt)



We have a wealth of experience within our service department. Our dedicated team of

assistants aim to offer  benchmark customer service. We all know that customer loyalty depends upon both the product and the after sales service. In fact after Sales service can be more important than securing a sale to ensure customers repurchase from the same brand.

UK Service Centre Contact Details:

0808 23 44 519 /


After Sales Service Assistant


Pole Features

Nano Carbon:

These special highly modulated carbon mats are embedded with the tiniest nano-particles in the resin phase, which bond the resin with the fibres. The result is lower weight, stronger fibrous material and a reduction in the volume of resin.

Diamond Surface:

The surface of all 'Xitan Z poles' is finished with microfine diamond sanding to guarantee optimal shipping of the pole through the hands. This procedure has already proven its effectiveness with the Beryllium and Carboxy Gold range.

Precision Point:

For precise handling of these poles the models are also finished with the 'Precision Point System'.


Spares availability

ZSE Ltd guarantee to stock any pole section replacements for 5 yearsafter the pole has been discontinued from their range. In fact, with the top of the range poles, sections are available for much longer than 5 years. The value of ‘Pole Spares’ at any one time is approximately £400’000 at retail price.

This is a serious financial outlay for the business, but without it we could not offer the service that we aspire to.


One of the many lanes of pole spare

Order Processing

The processing of any retail purchase orders which include a spare part receives preferential packing treatment, to ensure speedy despatch.

This means that orders containing a spare part are escalated higher in the queuing system, and can be with the retailer in as little as 48 hours. All spare parts are despatched with logistic market leader

UPS, and an efficient and effective service is always assured.



It is key that we support your commitment with a marketing campaign. Our poles are reviewed and featured on a frequent basis with the leading angling publications. We also attend ‘consumer’  shows on

an annually basis, were anglers can try and buy all our range of poles at their leisure. All product reviews can be accessed and downloaded at our website.


Customer Comments

It is important to add some creditability to the presentation, therefore the comments below are from one of the UK biggest fishing tackle retailers: Shaun Hammond (Bennetts of Sheffield) commented ‘service from Browning is excellent, we could not ask for anymore. We often get requests for old pole sections, and I am often amazed that either they are already available or can be ordered with little delay’. Our mail order operation demands an effective service, and I have the confidence in Browning to meet our expectations’.


Bennetts of Sheffield Ltd Tel: 0114 275 6756





More Info

Please contact your Customer Services:

0808 23 44 519