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Hendry Vis is the winner of WCC 2020!

Tostedt. End of September, the 4th World Crank Cup (WCC) in the Netherlands took place over three days of fishing. And Quantum put the two Dutch Pro’s Hendry Vis (35) and Gerald Vierhout (27) in the race. Their first official competition as a sponsored Quantum anglersstarted, three days casting with crankbaits! For both the World Crank Cup (WCC) already started in fact weeks before. Both love to fish with crankbaits and during the summer they spent many days on the competition rivers, the Ouden Maas and Merwede. So they did some training to find the...



A Modern Classic!

Browning UK have teamed up with Catch More Media to offer an exciting new event for match anglers. The Browning Power Partner Classic is a pairs event, with the sponsors offering up TWO flagship poles for the winners. The one-day match will take place on October 17th, and will see pairs split between a natural venue, and a commercial. One angler will fish the New Junction Canal near Sykehouse, and the other will take on the prolific Browning Aston Park Fishery near Sheffield. The winning pair will receive a Browning Sphere F1 Plus (RRP £3,999) and a Browning Sphere Zero-G F1+ (RRP:...



Deceptively realistic to pike!

Tostedt. Quantum test angler Gunther Schülzle delivers his exuberant report on the new Quantum Hybrid Tench and Swimbait Tench open-water lures: “When I fish large, clear lakes in the Alpine foothills for open water pike, my favorite baitfish is still the cisco, also known as whitefish (Coregonus). For years, I tried to create the perfect imitation of this baitfish with all different types of lure. Then, one day, I was taught a vital lesson. I made an exciting discovery that was so far-reaching it resulted in the creation of an innovative open-water lure for the Quantum brand. This is...



Jon Whincup joins Browning

Tostedt. Jon Whincup, winner of countless matches and festivals including top prize money of £70,000 from a single final, has joined Browning as a sponsored angler. Commenting on the sponsorship Jon, formerly with Frenzee, said “Now the secret is finally out I would just like to thank everyone at Frenzee for the last 5/6 years, I really enjoyed my time there with some of my biggest achievements in angling to date, plus I made some lifelong friends but as they say life moves on and I couldn't be happier to be joining the mighty Browning and I look forward to what the future holds with...



10 years of the Bloody Chicken boilie – a success story!

Tostedt. In 2009, Zebco Europe launched the Bloody Chicken boilie onto the market under its then newly created “Radical” carp brand. Not only did the eye-catching packaging design grab the attention of customers but carp throughout Europe flocked to the boilie from the outset. Ten years on, the developer Benjamin Gründer, who remains closely associated with the company, is just one of those who looks back on the development of the cult bait with pride. When you consider how many bait developers and hundreds of varieties of boilie are vying for the favour of anglers, the fact that these...



Listen up clonking fans!

Clonking is without doubt one of the most thrilling methods of catfish angling. Thick crescents of rising fish on the fishfinder, attracted by the sounds of the catfish clonk, provide all the confirmation you need. However, it’s also the insight into the underwater world and the certainty of what’s happening with your bait that make this fishing method so incredibly appealing and exciting. When properly executed and with the right tackle and bait presentation, clonking can produce magical moments for catfish anglers on many waters. But first, you need the right approach and...



Top secrets for targeting catfish

No other river in Europe has caused a furore like the Po in recent years. For all anglers with their sights set on the Italian river, here are some heavyweight tips to set you on your way. Catfish camp or do it yourself? A number of catfish camps have established themselves on the banks of the Po in recent years, extending from the delta to the middle reaches of the river. While staying at one of these camps may be more costly than organising your own trip, there are too many positives for me to decide against them. Organising fishing permits alone is almost impossible for foreigners...