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Flattyfun at Fehmarn

While comfortably leaning against the railing of the boat, we are enjoying the warm sun on our skins. We are passing the shoreline with the famous Fehmarnsund bridge behind us. It’s Sunday afternoon in late July and we are on board the Lana II. Klaus Brandenburg or “Schollenbrandi”, our captain, stops the 8-person fishing boat on a sandbank. He lowers the anchor from a height of 6 meters and it drops firmly into the sand. My American colleagues are excited. After a jam-packed working week, they accepted my invitation to catch flatfish in the Baltic Sea. My husband, Florian Hühnken, and a...



A colourful freak of nature

Tostedt. Radical and Black Cat test angler Johann Troppacher recently encountered a multi-coloured freak of nature on the Po in northern Italy. He was awoken at 5:45 by his favourite alarm clock to wake up to…his catfish alarm bells! His Black Cat rod with the Fin-Nor Marquesa multiplier reel was bent almost into a semi-circle. Fishing at a distance of around 350 metres, Johann Troppacher leapt into his boat. With his bait presented against a natural bank, he had to prevent the fish from taking shelter in the vegetation. It was a fight that would fray his nerves. Twice he had to free his line...