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Browning Pole Help Line

Tostedt. Browning have setup a dedicated help line so that anglers can contact the company direct with questions they may have about Browning poles and getting spares. Marketing & Public Relations Manager Frerk Petersen said "Poles are a big investment for anglers and we pride ourselves on the service we offer our customers, particularly on pole spares. If anglers have any questions about our poles, or are having any difficultly getting spares, they can contact us directly by emailing, or using the enquiry form our website, and we will...



New from Browning - Kobra Hybrid-Feeder

Tostedt. Effective immediately Zebco Europe has added a high class range of feeders to their product portfolio under the  Browning brand. The range of Method Feeders is manufactured in the UK by renowned manufacturer "Kobra". These models are widely acknowledged as being amongst the best in the market and used by many Top-Anglers. There is one specific design for each angling discipline plus some very special long distcance models.Marketing Manager Frerk Petersen explains: "Browning has had a strong position in the Feeder market for a long time, taking charge of the Kobra...



Quantum unleashes generation "Exo"

After unveiling the Quantum Smoke to the public at the EFTTEX, we have presented the top models from the new Quantum reel concept under the name "Exo PT" at the ICAST in Las Vegas - in both fixed-spool and baitcaster designs! The new models are very much in line with the motto: LESS IS MORE! So: "Welcome to generation Exo!". Where we have punched a hole through conventional reel design. Where an external aluminium skeleton eliminates unnecessary weight without compromising on power. And where light weight unleashes unimaginable power in the fight."We can always make a...



Rhino Team 7th in Helsinki-Trolling Masters

Helsinki. 30 degrees, low wind and bright sunshine; not exactly typical for salmon fishing but most welcome for the protagonists taking part. The conditions were the backdrop for this year's Trolling Masters, which took place in Helsinki at the start of July. 109 boat teams entered, landing 66 magnificent Baltic salmon and 16 sea trout over three days. The largest salmon weighed in at 15.7 kg (Pentti Salminen) while the largest sea trout tipped the scales at 5.9 kg (Tom Collanus). Team Tervonen took the overall victory with seven salmon and a total weight of over 45 kg, followed by Team Jaala...