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First session of the year

Tom Stringfellow and Krzysztof Filipowski on secret lake in Germany.Yellow Zombie boilies from Quantum Radical produced 2 lake records.Mirror of 47lb and Common from 46lb.



Big catfish prefer the light approach

Tostedt. Catfish above the 100 kg mark are smart and have accumulated a wealth of experience over their lifetimes. They are usually more than familiar with anglers' rigs and tend to leave heavily fished stretches of river. Stefan Seuß worked out years ago what makes the monster specimens tick and has since adapted his rigs meticulously to the target catfish waters. Even when it comes to choosing a spot, Stefan Seuß leaves nothing to chance and strives to present his bait where no other angler would set up. Steep slopes, stone fill, inaccessible silt banks and stretches of river plagued with...