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Scream for Skrei

Well shaken but not stirred the small Wideroe airplane lands safely at the airport from Leknes – strong bush pilots could not have done it better! We are already eagerly awaited on the famous Lofots. The reason for the delay: Our flight from Bodoe postponed hour for hour caused on very strong gusts with more than 18 meters per second and strong snowfall – that is the beginning of April and real Skreiweather. Geir Sivertzen Mustad-Teamangler, an north Norway expert and our host at the Nusfjord, welcomes us after a spectacular landing and leads us a bit nearer to our dream, the Skrei over 15...



Phenomenal two 20kg+ salmon in one day

Even an experienced trolling fisherman like Hans-Heinrich Müller von der Ohe (Ummern, Germany) will always remember this particular day: in his 25 year long career as a salmon trolling angler he has never experienced a day like April 19th, when he was fishing in the northeast of the island of Rügen: “In the beginning I was fishing close to the Arkona buoy”, he remembers. "But then I got a phone call from friends, who reported to me that the fishing further east was much better. I took all my tackle onboard and made my way to the recommended hot spot. At 11:20 I had my lures in the water...



21 kg carp on the pole!

Last Saturday morning was supposed to be a typical session at the club pond. I was planning to use a double feeding strategy; one feeding area straight ahead with conventional groundbait and another swim with particles diagonally in a corner. The seat box was positioned so I could fish tight up against the adjacent left bank with the pole at full length. Since the water depth was 1.5 metres just half a metre from the bank and the strong wind meant there would be a strong undercurrent, compact feeding was required to ensure the particles reached the bottom quickly without being widely...



Zebco Europe announces new warehouse and stocks up on personnel

Tostedt. Zebco Europe is probably one of the fastest growing fishing tackle companies in the European market. The team in Tostedt, Lower Saxony, has increased turnover by more than 50% since 2011. With seven global brands in the company's portfolio and an intelligent product and brand strategy, the growth has not been entirely surprising for the personnel involved. However, the increase in sales also brought with it challenges, particularly in terms of logistics – an area in which Zebco Europe is renowned for its professionalism. High product availability, short response times, first-class...