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Pole-fisher catches huge cod!

The grimacing face of Martin Christensen  betrays the fact that you don't present a 31,7kg cod easily to the camera man. Match angler Martin Christensen would never, even in his wildest dreams, have imagined such a catch. During his holiday in Soroya/Norway, the Browning field tester from Denmark, who normally only uses pole and match rod, caught a cod weighing 31,7kg and measuring 1,42m in length. It was at the Nordic-Sea Angling camp ( that he had this uncanny encounter with a fish of such huge dimensions. And it wasn't even a spawning cod -...



Quantum sponsored anglers break catfish world record twice in the same night!

Stefan Seuß (r) and Benjamin Gründer present their 102,8 and 97,4 kilo heavy catfish. The fish were caught in Italy in Bernhard Heiner's "Welcamp on the Po" During the night between 21. and 22. March the two Quantum-testanglers, Stefan Seuß and Benjamin Gründer made history in Italy for the catching "Wels" story. They had been fishing already very successfully in Bernhard and Ute Heiner's "Welscamp" on the River Po the days before. But in this particular night they broke the IGFA-World Record twice.   About half-an-hour...