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35 lb pike

UK Quantum Specialist Consultant Gary Knowles recently banked a new personal best pike from an 800 acre reservoir in Staffordshire in the UK. The huge predator was taken on an 8” Battleshad using a Smoke 5-55 g spinning rod and matching 2500 Smoke reel. Gary takes up the story:Although the rest of Europe measure their fish by length, here in the UK we still use weight as our yardstick, and in particular pounds and ounces. To put this in perspective, we see a 30 lb pike as a very special fish and anything over 35 lb as mammoth, a fish of a lifetime, this is a brief report on how I finally...



Black Viper hatches a second generation

Tostedt. Black Viper rods are the most successful line of feeder rods in the Browning range in the history of the company. When they were originally introduced, they displaced the prevailing mostly stiffer rod series and offered unprecedented performance for the angler. Even with less power, long casting distances became almost child's play. No wonder these "venomous snakes" have been essential equipment for countless serious feeder anglers ever since.Now, a new generation has arrived. Browning is introducing the Black Viper 2 rod series in the spring, with even slimmer and faster...