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Magical 120 kg mark broken

Tostedt. This is an account of 9 March 2013. We are in Ostiglia/Revere on the middle reaches of the Po. Black Cat anglers and guides Stefan Seuß and Benjamin Gründer are on the Po together with ten anglers from the Wittenberg/Dessau area. The water temperature of the river is still mild for the time of year, at 8 degrees, and the rain is pouring down. The water level begins to rise and, within the first hour, the formidable river rises to more than 1.5m above its normal level. David Otto and Mark Potschka (owners of set up on the tip of an island from where they can present...



Fresh impetus for product development

Tostedt. Zebco Europe signed up an additional product manager at the start of the year in Adrian Prus. The acquisition will allow the Tostedt-based company with seven global brands in its portfolio to give fresh impetus to its innovative product development. Having already achieved a leading position in many segments with existing resources (including Black Cat, Browning, Fin-Nor etc.), Zebco is now actively pursuing new areas for development. In 25-year-old Adrian Prus, the company has an outstanding lure expert at its disposal. In recent years, he has already designed many of the impressive...



Monster wels catches in biting cold

Tostedt. The start of February 2013 saw Black Cat test anglers and wels guides Stefan Seuß and Benjamin Gründer and their guests head to the middle reaches of the Po. The wels camps on the river are normally closed at this time of year as the angling season does not start until the beginning of March. However, Bernhard Heiner, manager of the renowned 'Welscamp am Po', opened his camp to the anglers, allowing them to safely store their cars and luggage.Stefan Seuß, Benjamin Gründer and guests spent seven days on the banks of the Po. And the anglers were subjected to harsh weather conditions...