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Black Cat relies on experience at the WCC 2012 in Spain.

Tostedt. In May the second unofficial World Championship in Catfish Angling will take place at the well-known River Ebro in Spain. Numerous Anglers from all over the world will visit the World Catfish Classics and compete against each other. Black Cat is one of the main sponsors of the event and will for the first time take part in the competition with their own team. The team leader relies on the vast experience of Catfish Specialists Ingo Kuprian (37) and Uwe Barthel (40). Both come from Greater Frankfurt and are highly experienced in Pellet-Fishing and know exactly how to present the bait...



Rhino Paravan

Rigging the Rhino ParavanThe Rhino Paravane is primarily used for trolling behind sideplaners and can be placed anywhere on the line to suit the angler's preference, without causing line damage. This means the Paravane has no effect on agile bait action due to its weight and does not alarm fish if, for example, it has caught seagras.Let the bait out approx. 10 to 20 m into the stern wash and then insert the thin end of the tapered pin into the Paravan holder from behind. To enable the Paravane to deliver its full diving effect, the diving blade should be pointing towards the rod (see...



Zebco Vacuum System

In conjunction with Cofresco (Toppits, Albal), Zebco presents the Zebco Vacuum System, exclusively for the fishing tackle market. The range comprises of three different-sized Zip- Loc bags that can be vacuumed. Air is extracted from the bag without the need for expensive special equipment that often requires an electrical connection, and the vacuum is maintained without welding the bag. Every bag is fitted with a patented valve in one corner to which the ergonomic hand pump is attached.  Once the bag is filled, the air is removed by a few strokes of the pump. Besides the...



Wels winter wonderland

Tostedt. The turn of the year took our Rhino Black Cat test anglers Stefan Seuss and his friends to the Ebro in Spain. The group wanted to experience Christmas on the water and to celebrate New Year with fishing rod in hand. Their objective was to outwit catfish in winter and the Ebro is a perfect water for such a project. The delta in Catalonia offers particularly good prospects now that live-baiting and night fishing has been allowed again since summer 2011. In addition, the water in this area of the Ebro reservoir reaches depths of more than 28 metres and catfish congregate there in...



Big salmon success with New Rhino Lax Spoons

Tostedt. On January 8th the German trolling team "Trollingtreff" tested the new Rhino-Lax-spoons off the coast of the island Rügen (Germany) for the first time. They instantly fell in love with the spoon! Already shortly after they started they heard the eagerly awaited scream of one of their reels. The result was an immaculate salmon, which was just a few centimetres short of one metre and weighed 10 kg. Shortly after the first fish the second reel screamed and another Atlantic salmon was out for a long run. A fish of a similar size, but this time a bit North of the one metre mark....



Browning sign SPA Match Group

West Midlands based SPA Match Group have signed a sponsorship deal with Browning Fishing, part of the Zebco Europe group of brands.  The team will receive support in their match fishing activities and will assist with promotion of Browning products and brand.   The move is the latest in a series of team and individual signings by Browning aimed at broadening product exposure in certain areas of UK.  Frerk Petersen, Zebco's Marketing & Public Relations Manager, says  "Sponsorship is important to us and we take it very seriously. The primary aim is to help our...