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Listen up clonking fans!

Clonking is without doubt one of the most thrilling methods of catfish angling. Thick crescents of rising fish on the fishfinder, attracted by the sounds of the catfish clonk, provide all the confirmation you need. However, it’s also the insight into the underwater world and the certainty of what’s happening with your bait that make this fishing method so incredibly appealing and exciting. When properly executed and with the right tackle and bait presentation, clonking can produce magical moments for catfish anglers on many waters. But first, you need the right approach and...



Top secrets for targeting catfish

No other river in Europe has caused a furore like the Po in recent years. For all anglers with their sights set on the Italian river, here are some heavyweight tips to set you on your way. Catfish camp or do it yourself? A number of catfish camps have established themselves on the banks of the Po in recent years, extending from the delta to the middle reaches of the river. While staying at one of these camps may be more costly than organising your own trip, there are too many positives for me to decide against them. Organising fishing permits alone is almost impossible for foreigners...



Team Quantum wins the 2019 Predatortour in Sweden

Tostedt. Quantum team anglers Timo Rosche and Fredrik Harbort landed some incredible fish in one of Europe’s largest predator matches and claimed victory after three days of competition. Every year, the Predatortour in Sweden brings together top anglers from all corners of the globe to hunt down the top prize in teams of two. This year’s venue was Vänern, the largest lake in the country. A total of 122 teams registered for the match, which was held between 25 April and 27 April, with 101 teams actually competing. The six largest pike caught by each team over the three days would count towards...



Spinning for catfish – unbeatable!

In life, we often have to make important decisions. The same is true when it comes to choosing the right method to catch a monster catfish. Should I settle in on the bank for a stationary session or would I be better off spinning? Let's consider these options in detail.For me, a spinning rod remains the most exciting method around for tempting catfish. Any angler who has felt “one of those bites” down the rod will surely never want to do anything else. Before you’re faced with this decision yourself, I'd like to pass on a few valuable tips. On German waters in particular, I'm repeatedly...



Safely in the bag!

Fast, safe and simple – three features of the Black Cat Hard Core Cat BagAnglers like to prepare many things before a session and looking after the wellbeing of the fish should be no exception. This is a crucial aspect of angling. Safety and protection is essential not only for us humans but also for the animals. As catfish anglers, it’s up to us to ensure that catfish are returned unharmed to their habitat. This is where Black Cat comes in. Black Cat Hard Core Cat BagBlack Cat introduced the Hard Core Cat Bag some time ago. The special weighing and transport bag is a reliable partner when it...



4street Offers Inspiring Products!

Tostedt. The so-called street fishing craze is currently on everyone’s lips and maybe even the big trend in the fishing scene of the coming decade. Anglers love street fishing because it allows them to pursue their hobby in a simple way and without much effort, and at nearby urban fishing spots. All you need is a short rod, handy and light luggage - and fire away!The trend is now catching anglers from many European cities, so it was obvious that Quantum now offers a tailor-made product range - tailored exactly to the needs of these sportsfishermen! Under the “4street” label, the street...



When the boat calls!

Practical know-how for long fishing sessions on a boatBoats are an integral part of specimen catfish angling. For the most part, they’re used for transporting anglers’ equipment or for presenting rigs. However, it's now quite possible to use a boat as a mobile peg and even to spend several days on it. To maximise enjoyment on the water, every mobile peg on the boat should be well equipped. Below are the key elements to consider before embarking on a long session on a boat: Boat tentWhen living on a boat for an extended period, a dry sleeping area is absolutely essential. The Black Cat Special...