Product of the month

Smart Motion Surf

Top surf reels do not have to cost a fortune, the Smart Motion Surf is proof of that. The model offers a high degree of functionality. In addition the optimised long cast spool, the powerful transmission and ergonomic handle knob are bound to impress. High resistance  to saltwater is an essential feature of the model.



New Yolo lure delivers a dream pike for Freddy

Tostedt. Developing a lure that appeals to big pike is no easy task. Since winter 2015, Freddy Harbort and the Quantum team have been working hard to design a special lure for this exact purpose. Freddy, who was directly involved with the development process, wanted a lure that would work solidly in as many different situations and European waters as possible and that would appeal equally to monster pike and specimen zander. This was no mean feat but, once the first prototype of the 22 cm Quantum Yolo Pike Shad landed in his postbox by express mail, there was little time to philosophise: The...



Massive blue shark on light gear

This blue shark was measured and calculated at 96 lb . Sam Narbett landed this magnificent fish on the Quantum Cabo 40 reel  and a Quantum Blue spin 10-35 g. We use 40 lb braid on the reel and on this occasion used a 70 lb rubbing leader to a short wire bite strop to a size 14/0 mustad circle hook. A large mackerel flapper for bait.



FiN-Nor Bite adventures not just a shark boat!

Two couches bream caught this week every species anglers dream. Les Barns had the biggest one 6.2.0 a new Guildford city sea angling club record. It shows how rare these fish are as it’s the first weighed in to the club in its 45 year history! Les also had an even rarer fish 3 weeks ago with me. An imperial scald fish, as far as I know there has only been 4 caught in the UK in recent years and bite adventures has had 3 of them! Les was using a Cabo 40 reel and a blue spin 7-35 gram rod to catch both of his stunning fish. The couches bream was caught on a running ledger to a 8oz...