Product of the month

Commercial King² Carp Tickler

A revolutionary new rod design that takes "short" commercial rods to the next level. The Tickler rods effectively a one piece 7' rod which is "folded" for carrying by just pulling out the quivertip, placing the hook in a special keeper tube and winding the line tight. Everything is held in place without the need for any rod bands or sleeves. The rods can be set up and "ready to fish" in less than 10 seconds - and put away just as quickly - without the irritating tangles and damaged quivertips always suffered with transporting a made-up conventional 2 piece rod. As the main rod is in one piece and has no joints the action is absolutely perfect. The 7' length further improves casting accuracy compared to even 8's rods, and brings even big fish to you feet and ready to net very quickly. Even if you are already a "short rod convert", just try one of these and you will never go back to your difficult to assemble "long" 8 or 9' rod. Two versions to suit Carp/F1, or summer/winter, fishing.



Zebco Europe with new Management Structure

Tostedt. Zebco Europe’s managing director Peter Delwes (70) will take retirement before the end of the year. The question of who would succeed him was answered for Zebco Europe as well as for Preston with the appointment of Ricky Teale (50). As of April 1, Teale will assume responsibility as Commercial Director Europe also for the Tostedt-based company. The day-to-day operational business on site will be managed by two executives: firstly, Frerk Petersen (51), who has been with the company for over 16 years and who has made significant contributions to its growth in the recent years....



Monster catfish defeated at a water temperature of 8 degrees

Tostedt. At the beginning of March, angling guide and Black Cat brand manager Stefan Seuß headed to the Po along with tour guests Ludwig and Max Heller. Spring is a particularly interesting time of year on Italy’s longest river. The period when the water temperatures are slowly climbing towards 10 degrees is renowned for monster catfish activity. At this time, Stefan Seuß likes to use small sub floats (10-gram Black Cat underwater float), which he mounts directly behind the baitfish on the leader. This causes the bait to hover just off the bottom, precisely where most of the prey of catfish...



Monster catfish tamed from a kayak

Tostedt. Kayak fishing is a particularly natural form of angling - silent and at one with the surface of the water. It is scarcely possible to get closer to the fish. Picture yourself, then, fighting a giant catfish from a kayak and you might imagine what an unsteady experience this can be.At the beginning of March, Quantum team angler Daniel Katzoreck arranged with his friend Uwe Roth to target catfish on a backwater. With the Rhine at high tide, the pair sought out a tributary with a steady current. The objective was to target the catfish in open water. This means impatiently watching the...